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We are already seem a great evolution in the virtual communities, the groups that people can find in the different social media outlets are really specific, you can find any kind of groups in applications like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These outlets have filled an empty space that many people needed to fill, they didn’t feel that they belonged to a community a place etc. with social media these people can share their experiences, their likes and dislikes with people that share some characteristics with them, that is the magic of these outlets.

Every time we can find different applications that are more specific for people that share some characteristics, and I consider that in the future everything is going to be more customized according to the specific target market that the different creators of these applications want to attract.

We have had the opportunity to see the creation of different groups inside those applications, we saw it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, and we are going to keep seem that.

I consider that social media in the future is going to be focused in mobile applications; we are going to see the creation of so many applications for our cell phones, because we are really attached to our mobile devises. Everything is going to be more personalized.

We are going to find products and services that just can be finding on social media outlets, because it is where the target market is.

A few years ago many thought that social media was just for younger generations, in the last years we have seem a huge change in that aspect finding that the population over 55 are the biggest population growing in social media outlets.

Social media is going to keep changing the way we see the world, and how we interact with each other, we have to get ready because it is going to keep growing and improving in so many aspects, applications like Pinterest are becoming trends, our culture is changing and it is going to keep changing because technology is giving us new tools to use and make our lives easier and a little more fun.


Jesus Zambrano


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At a Social Media Level

Stonyfield is an organic yogurt company located in Londonderry NH, founded in 1983 as a project to help revitalize the struggling New England dairy industry . This company has been a leader in implementing new strategies to generate sales in their industry; they have been an organic company before everybody else wanted to be organic. They also have been social responsible since before companies released how important it is in this market. And they have been in social media since it wasn’t  necessary to have a social media presence for companies.

For this company there are 4 steps that they consider important to be successful in social media:

1. Find a champion – or several.

2. Give social media a home in your organization.

3. Lay some ground rules – but leave room for creativity.

4. Integrate social media into offline messaging.

Measuring success

Stonyfield measure the success of the social media outlets with the next 4 points:

·         Growth in numbers of followers/fans

·         “Noise” level online about the brands

·         Interactions and actions with the company/brands

·         Turning fans in advocates

They don’t measure sales with social media, they think social media it’s a way to connect with people first.

The principal challenge of the company is to manage all the different information provided by all the employees, because the company is really motivating their employees to use social media, so it can be too much information for the users. At the same time we don’t know what kind of information the employees can provide in the different social media outlets, the feedback can be positive or negative. It will be really bad for the company to have negative postings.

Even if all the information has to go be approve before is posted inside the company, the employees have their personal social media applications and they can post things about the company that may not be of any interested of the company to be shared.

They also having presence  in all the different social media outlets are allowing different users to post good and bad feedback about the products of the company, and they have to pay special attention to the negative ones, because they can affect the image of their brands.

I consider that it is important for Stonyfield to focus in where they get the most likes that become in sales, they may be spending too much work and money in outlets that can be not really successful for them. I checked their Youtube site and the videos didnt have too many views.

The recalls can be a problem for many companies but StonyField with the social media help have made it an opportunity to communicate with their customers.

I also consider that they need to find ways to relate social media with sales, the company is investing money to have a social media presence, and at the end the stakeholders want to see the results of the investments in an increase on the company sales.

Overall I consider that StonyField is doing a great  job on Social Media and they know   they have to have a strong presence in social media.

Jesus Zambrano

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Youtube going Viral


YouTube has been one of the most popular Social Media applications all around the world; it was created in February of 2005, and since then it has been growing at great rates. It has been really successful in broadcasting information about experiences, products, businesses, services, or information in general, and many people can’t skip a day without checking new videos on this application. It is one of the most popular websites in all the countries around the world, because it allows people to share videos for free, and it is very user friendly.

YouTube has given us a free way to interact, to know what it’s happening around the world, and just to know information that can be useful or just entertain us for a moment. We can learn since what it’s happening on politics to how to do origami.

Companies are also advertising on the most popular videos so they can show their commercials at the beginning of the videos, what can be a little annoying for some people, but still works for companies, especially when the commercials are fun to watch and are related somehow to the content of the video.

Businesses have seem in YouTube an opportunity to market their products, creating different kind of videos depending on the target market and the kind of product that the company wants to  offer to their market. We have seem successful histories of different videos of products that have gone viral online like Blendtec an expensive Blender that created a genius commercial where they put an Ipad inside the blender, this video has more of 14 million hits ( ).

In 2011 YouTube was the second most popular website according to Google; the number one was Facebook, what shows us the importance that this application can have for businesses. The success of the brand can be measured by the number of hits and likes that the YouTube page can have, and it also can be measured by the comments that the users can post about the videos. Those comments can help the companies to make changes in their products or to create new products that the users can consider useful for them.

YouTube has not only given the opportunity to businesses to broadcast amazing videos and commercials about their products to millions of viewers all around the world, it has also given the opportunity to new artist like Justin Bieber, and causes like Kony 2012 to go viral, It has shown the world what is happening in other countries. YouTube is the worldwide channel where we can find whatever we are looking for.  

YouTube has been the king of broadcasting videos for a while, and I consider that it will be there for a while, people love this application, and personally I like it.

Thank you,

Jesus Zambrano



Social Media and the Music Industry


The marketing industry has seemed an evolution in the last 15 years; many industries have seemed that change, I consider thatthe music industry has seem the biggest impact. Two decades ago we were listening to cds, and they are not been using for new generations. Now we get music online, we know what its going on for what our friends post on Facebook, or what artist are going viral on YouTube.

Because of Social Media the industry has been able to find new talents, sell and advertise  in so many different ways. The world has seem premiers of videos on YouTube, on Facebook, and now on Twitter, today may 3th Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Wisin and Yandel (Puerto Rican singers) join together to tweet the world about the premier of a single called Follow the leader. This is the first time that Twitter associated with an artist to broadcast the premier of a video. They expect to reach 50 million of people today (this I a link to the song ).

Artist like Rihanna, Pitbull, Shakira are doing their premiers on Vevo that is part of YouTube because they know how popular are these social applications, and how many they can reach with this tools.

The internet made music accessible around the world, MySpace was the first one to incorporated music into a Social Application; it gave personality to the profiles, and it incorporated music to this Social Media revolution, Facebook, YouTube, and now Twitter are using music to keep people attached to their electronic devises.

There are more websites where new singers and bands can share their talent like,, and and producers are looking to those sides to find the new sensations in the industry.

The music industry thought that the illegal copy was going to be the end of that industry but they found Social Media and failed in love with it, SM gives them access to talent without investing too much money searching, it helps them marketing the artist and they can sell their music in stores like iTunes or

The salvation of music was Social Media and I think that SM has more evolution to offer to this industry.

Thank you for reading my blog,

J. Zambrano

Social Media Sucess: the music industry, retrieved from:



Social Media is changing the world

Our world has changed in so many ways in the last years, but something called Social Media has changed our lives, our interaction with others, the way we do businesses. We just communicate and interact with others in so many different ways than a decade ago. Our world has changed and we adapted to all those changes in so many different ways.

We have adopted all that new technology into our daily routine. We can communicate, work, share music, and sells products on a totally new level. For many our lives are much easier for others we are just losing direct contact with others. Social Media is not going anywhere for a while so at least we have to try it and learn to use it; so we can decide if it’s worth it to use it or it’s just a quick trend that may be forgotten in the future.

As a marketing person I am amazed at what Social Media can do, I am not just talking about products, I am talking about revolutions, movements, people are using Facebook and Twitter to generate changes in the world, to fight for what they want, for people’s rights, I feel that people have found that Social Media is a great tool to generate a positive change in people’s lives.

Now terms such as status, wall, twitter, and apps are words that we use in the daily basis. Facebook is the place where you share your thoughts and experiences with others; it’s the place where you know what your friends and family are doing. It’s by far the most successful Social Media application out there. There are communities where we can find members that can be bigger than entire populations of countries.

Facebook is the place to be, the place where we get the news from is twitter, we look for jobs in LinkedIn, we watch videos in YouTube, we tell the world where we are with Foursquare, we see and talk with our friends from around the world with Skype.

Social Media is not just for people, businesses are seeing the important to have a strong present in Social Media, it’s a great way to reach target markets in a more efficient way.

For some people this is new, but for others this is what they have been using all their lives. I am not saying that we have to move our lives into all the Social Media movement, but I think our lives can be a little easier if we use some of the applications that Social Media offers.

Here is some basic information about some of the most popular Social Media places out there.


Business or Consumer


Business application

Business Primary  User




LinkedIn Business-Consumers Connect people with companies and professional groups. Hiring Process, networking Professional people and HR rep. It has groups according to the likes of the individuals. Professional information about individuals and companies. It’s an application use around the world.
Facebook Business-Consumers Connect people with their friends, family and companies they like Marketing for companies People that want to be in touch with their friends and family and marketing departments. It connects people that want to be in touch with others. Informal information about the day by day of the individuals and companies. It’s one of the most popular social media applications.
Twitter People-people.Business-people. Provide quick information about different topics. Keep an easy and fact connection with consumers. People that want to be informed about certain topics. Connects people that want to share the same information and that have similar likes. Informal and short content, easy to read. It’s one of the most used applications in social media
YouTube Business-Consumers Share videos between people and businesses. Provide information about a company or as a marketing tool. Marketing department. It generates information that the business can use to improve the services of the company. Any kind of videos that people may find interesting. It’s an application use around the world, and connects people from everywhere.
Skype Consumers-consumers.Business-business.Consumers-business. Provide live video interaction. Provide real live support to consumers. Customer service. It can be used to connect employees all over the world. Connects people with friends and family. Video and audio. It’s popular to keep people in touch.
Foursquare Business-Consumers.People-people. Keep informed about the location where you are. Marketing, offer discounts and rewards to people. Marketing. Integrated businesses with consumers. Information about location and special offers of the company. It’s becoming more popular.

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Jesus Eduardo Zambrano

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